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You don't have to know how to meditate; you just follow along. All the audios are Guided Imagery Meditations.

As you listen you get the hang of it and you start letting go by following the voice and then in the silence stay focused on your peace point.Just observe yourself,try not to get caught up in your thoughts.Peace is only a Breath away.


Ocean Beach Light

2015-11-11 Breathing in the light starting at feet, breathe it up and around you Into every cell of your body, Cylinder of light lifts off carrying you on a journey to beautiful beach for rest and discovery. Light body rejoins physical body 21mins


9 Angels Above You

2015-12-09 We start with the Peace Point Scannning your body for soreness, breathing it out,While giving yourself permission to let go of that old stagnant energy. Then working with 9 Angels helping your vibration to be raised. 16mins


Circling Beam of Light

2015-12-02 ******David Young music****** To order His amazing Music go to DavidYoung Breathing, sense your body Circling spotlight, lifting you up the Golden path, walking toward the pond and having a experience with the Lotus flower 16mins


Crystal Cave

2015-11-04 Journey to the crystal cave filling the heart with gratitude allowing for the expansion.While exploring the cave the bright light radiating from the crystals reminding you of you Souls wisdom. 22 min.


Green Spiral Crystal

2015-11-25 Breathing, while your in a safe sacred place,being kind gentle loving w/self.Bringing Green spiraling of light thru you. Basket at your feet, carries you into peach colored sky. The Path and crystalline steps,taking you to the waterfall just to be. 19mins


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