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Dottie's Story

Hi, I'm Dottie. My Spiritual journey is my Soul's purpose, the most important thing in my life. Thank you for reading. When we meet don't expect a handshake; I'm a hugger!

My Spiritual journey started almost 15 years ago, when my daughter, then 4 years old, asked me, "Mommy do you remember when I used to rock you when you were a baby?" Perhaps some would pass this off as the ramblings of a child, but the thought resonated within me and I began asking questions of the Universe. (At that time I had no clue who might be listening!!) Nearly every question got answered, and some answers came with more magic wrapped around them than others!

For example, shortly thereafter I was in a book store that was going out of business in Doylestown, PA. Any books they had left were all at the back of the store. I had my hands full as I walked towards the front, past the empty shelves on the right... except they weren't totally empty. There was ONE book still on the shelf: Past Lives In Children, by Carol Bowman.

Because it was "in my face" I got that one too, and reading it helped me understand what my daughter was talking about. Now I believe she is my grandmother reincarnated! I never knew or thought about things like that.

It all started to make sense to me.

I continued to hear, see, know and feel a connection to something greater than myself. I trusted it. Slowly the pieces started to arrange like the solution to a huge puzzle. I started to come alive in a way that made me see glimmers of light inside of me. The thirst was so great I wanted to keep drinking from that chalice, moving away from the negativity that shadowed me most of my life.

I was raised in a very negative environment. (Like many of us, unfortunately.) I now see it served as a Blessing but I did not see it that way before awakening. When I was a small child I did not experience love from the humans. I could, however, experience love from the sights and sounds of our natural world: birds singing, waves crashing, a beautiful tree, a flower, clouds, streams, a rainbow, animal, caterpillar, etc. That's the magic that I was plugged into as a child. It was in my consciousness all along, and was being reawakened at 39 years old. I was so excited to see things happening that could not be explained. Miracles! I became even more curious, and started my path of learning. I took spiritual classes, which opened me up to even more magic. It felt like I could not learn enough. No matter how many classes I took or books I read, that thirst was still there. It has really never stopped.

I was reading 3-4 books at a time and going to as many Spiritual classes and functions as I could find. I was learning other modalities as well. I became an IET Master and Reiki Master in four months. Doing healing sessions on myself really helped me to shift my energies and align with a higher vibration of energy to make the changes that were needed to experience more. I nourished myself like that for seven years straight. Meditating daily was one of the key practices during those days of change, and it still is. And I am still living in the magic! (Of course not all the time...)

I had a big ego. (EASING GOD OUT or EARTH GUIDE ONLY) Understanding the importance of letting that go was one of my biggest challenges. It got the best of me for a long time. It took me almost ten years to really learn to accept and love Self: Who and What God created within Me. Now I guide and teach others how to LOVE and accept SELF!!!!!! If you are raised with nothing but negativity, learning how to reprogram yourself for positive energy is a big deal. I spent twelve years working on just the brain, long before I connected Spiritually. Looking back at the painful experiences, I now understand they were all necessary parts of an evolutionary process. My journey has been about finding my authentic self and honoring that; learning how to cherish all of what makes me who I am. (Not such an easy task for someone who spent 70% of the time quietly disparaging herself.)

Self discovery is a pretty fascinating place to visit. Of course dealing with the past can be painful, but try this refreshing take on it: "Face it, Embrace it... and Replace it!" The miracles I got to witness were a reminder that we are not only from the earth plane, but we are also from a much higher plane of existence. I believe we are Angels In human form, here without our wings, working to bring Heaven to earth. God's work!!! I believe we are put here so that together we may realize and work toward a much bigger and more beautiful picture then first presented. All those pieces need to come together, for the full picture of...

Who am I?

What am I doing here?

What do I have to offer?

What is my Soul's purpose?

How can I serve?

And so now... How can I be of service to you?

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