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Private Healing Session       "Getting the issues out of your tissues"  

During a Healing Session you will lie fully clothed,  relaxed and warm on a massage table. Soothing music is played, and candles are lit.This is a safe, sacred place for the body to start its healing process. Dottie places crystals around and on the body. Crystals assist in moving negative and unwanted energies out of the physical form. 

Dottie channels and focuses positive healing energy from:
The Angels
Her Guides and ancestors
Your Higher Self
Your ancestors
Your Angel of Healing

Dottie systematically directs universal life force energy into the body by means of gentle therapeutic touch. Sometimes your participation is needed, for example discussing issues that may come up. This helps those denser energies to release. 

Dottie is trained to detect energy blockages. These blockages signal the presence of suppressed emotions and feelings, which are stored in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. She then uses powerful techniques to release and clear the blocked energy through the human energy field. Blockages are like rocks that are act like a dam. Removing the rocks allows the water to flow more direct clearly and freely. The body is now unobstructed and energy can circulate through the meridians and channels to restore health and wellness back into the body.  

Dottie also incorporates the use of aromatherapy and tuning forks. At the end of the healing session your chakras will also be balanced.

It is typical to feel more relaxed, recharged, refreshed and renewed, with a sense of lightness. It is also not uncommon for the healing client to experience powerful emotions and be deeply moved during a session. 

A Healing Session is about one hour long.

 The cost of a healing session is $80.00 it is about 1 hour long





Remote Sessions  

  Remote healing sessions are available to clients located anywhere in the world There is  no limits to the universal life force energy that we are all tapped into. An energy therapist is training to be able to call upon that life force and direct it into a client far away. With your permission and a picture of you I will be directing the energy into a proxy(Teddy bear) It represents you. I am empathic so I feel what is happening inside of you and you also may experience some of those energy shifts as well.

I will be doing the sessions from my healing table as if you were there in the room and on the table music playing candles lit. The  phone next to me and your phone next to you so we can communicate during the session.  .

Remote healing sessions are especially helpful for clients who are in severe pain or are unable to get to out and experience this kind of healing. My clients are very pleased with their remote sessions.  

  The cost of a remote session is $85.00  it is about 1 hour long




Tuning Fork Sessions         Group tuning fork tune up




You will have all of your charkas balanced to the vibrations they were created to vibrate from. By the time your  session is over finished you will  have a  feeling of lightness  more peacful and grounded connceted in a way you may have never felt before.  


A private session last about 20 minutes cost $35.00

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